Alenia Launches Its Green Regional Aircraft Initiative

 - October 7, 2008, 5:44 AM

Alenia Aeronautica officially launched the technical activities associated with the so-called Green Regional Aircraft today in Caserta, Italy, where representatives from some 25 program partners met to plan methodologies and procedures, times, deadlines and the project’s budget. An element of the European Commission’s Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative (JTI), the proposed Green Regional Aircraft would begin flight testing in 2013 and could enter service before 2020, according to Alenia.

Six technological platforms form part of the largest and most ambitious European research program ever financed within the aerospace field; Alenia Aeronautica and EADS CASA co-lead the element known as the regional ecological aircraft program.

Launched in February and included in the 7th Frame Program of the European Union, the Clean Sky JTI program will last seven years and cost €1.6 billion ($2.17 billion), while the Green Regional Aircraft carries a value of €174 million ($237 million), equal to about 11 percent of the entire research program.

Alenia Aeronautica’s role within the Green Regional Aircraft project includes activities surrounding advanced composite material structures, aerodynamic technologies for external noise reduction and electric systems and commands and avionics for navigation and flight paths.