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MedAire package now standard with Project Phoenix VIP CRJs

 - November 14, 2008, 10:15 PM

Project Phoenix, which is offering Bombardier CRJs reconfigured as business jets, has concluded an agreement with MedAire that will see aircraft owners being offered a complimentary medical package, including a one-year subscription to the 24/7 MedLink global response center. In the event of an in-flight medical event, crewmembers will be able to contact MedLink emergency care doctors via their satellite phone or radio, while three CRJ crew members will receive first-responder medical training. They will also have access to a MedAire on-board first-aid kit and automated external defibrillator.

“We are delighted to offer this safety addition on board the CRJs, which will enhance the peace of mind for our CRJ customers,” said Project Phoenix vice president commercial Andrew Johnston.

Installation of the MedAire equipment will be made during interior fitting by Project Phoenix partner Flying Colours of Peterborough, Toronto. The first Phoenix CRJ, which will be delivered to Macau’s Jet Asia in January, will include the MedAire installation.

Project Phoenix (Outdoor Exhibit 5) was born at the Dubai Air Show in November 2007 when it revealed the CRJ VIP conversion program as an alternative to having to wait for several years to take delivery of a new business jet model. Converted to corporate/VIP mode, the former regional airliners can also offer a cost-effective way to get a large-cabin jet with range of 2,200 to 3,000 nautical miles.