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Gates ready to help with safety issues

 - November 16, 2008, 12:25 AM

It is an old but still valid saying that “safety is no accident,” although to Gates Aviation Consulting (Stand No. 227) the subject is rather complex and the company is ready to offer its expertise to business aviation operators and users. Managing partner Ron Lindsay and senior consultant David Saunders can provide plentiful examples of how safety can be overlooked.

Although it is the norm to maintain business jets to the very highest standards, safety management is apt to overlook the vulnerability to terrorist attack of aircraft parked near a terminal building. Even a noncriminal incident resulting from negligent
maneuvering should be considered as part of ground safety management.

Ground damage sustained on airport aprons costs billions of dollars per annum but much of the expense could be reduced by reviewing ground safety procedures and checking the safety records of FBOs. Even such matters as hygiene and food safety may be overlooked in the context of overall corporate security.

However, Gates Aviation Consulting is also conscious of the need to ensure the personal safety and security of executives and other staff visiting unfamiliar countries and its services can include the development of plans for most eventualities, which may include the response to extortion, kidnap and ransom events.

The company also provides legal support with a range of services including advice on compliance with legal, insurance and regulatory requirements, contract preparation and negotiation.