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RotorWay adds EVS to Talon

 - February 23, 2009, 3:40 PM

RotorWay International, which aired plans on Sunday to build and certify a two-place turbine helicopter, on Monday announced the addition of an infrared enhanced-vision system (EVS) as a standard factory option for both RotorWay’s A600 Talon kit-built helicopter and the new unnamed Rolls-Royce 300-powered model.

RotorWay president Grant Norwitz said the Forward Vision EVS-100, powered by Max-Viz, will add approximately $15,000 to the price of kit-built and certified helicopters. A Clarion VMA 770 video display unit designed for eye-level mounting, a $1,200 value, is included in that figure. Both the EVS-100 camera and Clarion display are installed and operating on one of the two A600 Talon helicopters at RotorWay’s booth (No. 1334).

RotorWay kit builders will find EVS-100 installation a quick, simple process requiring little more than a half-hour, said Forward Vision president Patrick Farrell. Norwitz added that RotorWay has designed the EVS feature for easy installation and has “subsidized” the package by absorbing the cost of required paperwork and engineering.

He noted that South Africa has recently authorized the RotorWay division in that nation to build and sell A600 Talons under a procedure Norwitz described as halfway between U.S. type certification and the experimental category covering kit-built aircraft. More than 50 percent of RotorWay kit sales are to buyers outside the U.S.