New Rules Pitched for FAR Part 135 CRM Training

 - May 5, 2009, 11:55 AM

The FAA is proposing to require crew resource management (CRM) training for all Part 135 certificate holders’ pilots and flight attendants. The notice of proposed rulemaking continues a precedent established by the 1995 CRM mandate for Part 121 airlines. The FAA studied 268 accidents from 1997 through 2008 and found that 24 were “directly related to ineffective CRM,” accounting for 83 fatalities and 12 serious injuries. Of those, 14 involved single-pilot operations and 10 were two-pilot crews, and the histories of these accidents “signify the critical need to require CRM training in both single- and dual-pilot Part 135 operations.” The NPRM cites three accidents, “all the result of poor decision making, a loss of situational awareness, a lack of communication between multiple pilots or between pilots and other key operational personnel and inadequate leadership. Under this proposal, all of these issues would be addressed in CRM initial and recurrent training.” The NRPM is open for comment through July 30.