Boeing Loses Major Order for 787

 - May 7, 2009, 12:57 PM

Boeing’s net order count for this year has returned to negative territory with the loss of another order for twenty five 787s. The cancellation, posted today on the Chicago-based company’s Orders and Deliveries web site, brings Boeing’s net order tally to negative-one and raises the number of lost orders for 787s to 57 airplanes. Earlier this year Dubai-based leasing company LCAL scrapped its order for 16, Russian airline S7 dropped an order for 15 and Hong Kong-based real-estate developer Joseph Lau cancelled his firm order for a single executive-configured model.

A Boeing spokesman said the customer involved in the latest 787 cancellation asked to remain unidentified.

Boeing also lost an order for a single 777 this week, according to the site. The spokesman said that customer asked to remain anonymous too. Last month Boeing announced plans to cut production of the 777 from seven to five per month starting in June. It has yet to signal any deviation from its plans for 787 production following certification, scheduled for next year’s first quarter. The company’s 787 order tally now stands at 861.