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Honeywell cools Legacy for Embraer

 - June 15, 2009, 7:49 AM

Honeywell has been chosen by Embraer to provide the air-conditioning and temperature-control system for the Brazilian manufacturer’s Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 executive jets. The Legacy’s air- conditioning system will use bleed air from either the Honeywell 36-150 auxiliary power unit or the Honeywell HTF7000 engines to cool the cabin. According to Honeywell, the AC-5000 series of environmental control systems deliver high reliability.

Meanwhile, improved reliability is a key plank in Honeywell’s efforts to make its equipment more environmentally sustainable. On this note, the U.S. group’s HTF7000 engine has passed 500,000 in-service flight hours.

It has started work on a new low-emissions, effusion-cooled combustor for the HTF7000 that will be flight tested through the summer on the company’s Boeing 757 development aircraft, which carries its Tech7000 test engine.