More G650 suppliers named

 - October 20, 2009, 10:26 AM

Several suppliers for Gulfstream’s new G650 were recently announced, some of which updated their progress building components for the new aircraft.

Emteq (Booth  No. 2289) has been selected to provide interior and exterior LED lighting. The Emteq products selected for the aircraft include flight-deck dome and reading lights, aft-compartment lights, exit signs, air-stair lights, wing-inspection lights, logo lights, wheelwell lights, service-panel lights and indicator and pylon lights.

Precise Flight’s (Booth No. 3732) high-intensity HID Pulselite has been selected for the landing lights. The new light is based on 150-Watt technology and is being reconfigured to replace existing Par 64 landing lights, such as those found on current large Gulfstreams and BBJs. Average light life is increased from 100 hours to more than 3,000 hours. The lights are designed to dim, rather than fail. Precise Flight’s 70-Watt pulsating HID has been FAA approved for a variety of aircraft.

Thermax’s (Booth No. 964) lightweight, small-diameter Seamless-T composite aerospace wire also has been selected for the G650.

Donaldson’s Western Filter (Booth No. 4788) hydraulic-filter manifolds have completed safety-of-flight testing. Other components designed by the company for the G650 include three filter manifolds, two primary hydraulic-filter manifolds and a separate auxiliary-pump filter, as well as bypass valves, shut-off valves, check valves and fluid-sampling valves. The manifolds’ Intelligent Filter Indicator sends electronic signals to an on-board computer, giving operators the ability to monitor time remaining before filter replacement is due.