Troubleshooting Tool Offered in CAE Mx Course

 - November 11, 2009, 10:27 AM

CAE is offering a new professional troubleshooting skills (PTS) tool for training maintenance technicians that offers hands-on practice. The instructor-led PTS course teaches maintenance technicians to isolate, identify and fix suspected problems more quickly, thereby reducing the cost of repair and getting the aircraft back in the air sooner. According to a spokesman for the company, the course combines the capabilities of experienced instructors and current simulation technology. CAE has developed simulation software that uses multiple high-resolution monitors to display fault isolation. Troubleshooting exercises use actual electrical, hydraulic and other schematics and simulated aircraft systems that respond as the aircraft would to each troubleshooting procedure. The graphics also provide a physical representation of the aircraft or system being examined so students can observe the reactions to their actions. “What makes this unique is it focuses on the philosophy and logic of troubleshooting rather than a shotgun approach. Technicians learn to replace the right component or make the correct repair the first time,” he said.