Pratt & Whitney To Supply Geared Turbofan to Irkut for MC-21

 - December 10, 2009, 11:11 AM

Russia’s Irkut Corp. has chosen the Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1000G engine to power the MC-21–a new family of 150- to 210-seat passenger jets scheduled for first flight in 2014 and entry into service in 2016. The deal gives Pratt’s PW1000G–formerly known as the Geared Turbofan–its third firm application. Mitsubishi has chosen the engine for its MRJ regional jet and Bombardier for its C Series narrowbody. With this latest application, the PW1000G would power airplanes ranging in capacity from 76 to 210 passengers and cover thrust classes ranging from 13,000 pounds for the MRJ70 to 30,000 pounds for the MC-21.

Pratt & Whitney plans to partner with Irkut and Russia’s United Engine Building Corporation (UEC) for the MC-21 application.

The PW1000G engine features a gear system that allows the engine’s fan to operate at a slower speed than the low-pressure compressor and turbine. Pratt promises that the combination of the gear system and all-new core will deliver double-digit improvements in fuel efficiency and environmental emissions and a 50-percent reduction in noise compared with the latest existing designs.

Pratt & Whitney expects core testing to continue through January and full engine testing to start next summer, giving the program ample time to support the Irkut MC-21 development timeline.