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Program Update: PWC PW210S on track for certification

 - February 15, 2010, 5:30 AM

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has two helicopter engine programs nearing the final stages of development and both remain on schedule.

The first to hit the market will be the 1,000-shp class PW210S for Sikorsky’s S-76D, with engine certification planned for early in the second quarter, according to P&WC spokeswoman Maria Mandato. First flight of the twin-engine S-76D took place a year ago and since then, the PW210S has passed key performance tests on the way to certification.

Next in line is the reverse-flow PT6C-67E that powers Eurocopter’s twin-engine EC175, which achieved first flight on December 4. Engine certification should take place next year. The dual-channel Fadec-controlled PT6C-67E adds new features to the PT6 turboshaft to make the engine more efficient and environmentally friendly. Cadmium and chromium are not used in manufacturing the engine, and combustion system improvements help improve the engine-starting process, deliver lower nitrogen dioxide levels and produce less smoke. To help maintain reliability, the PT6C-67E features an uncooled compressor turbine stage and high-efficiency compressor combined with new materials and hot-section design technologies.

The PW127TS is still in the running to power the Russian Mi-38, but no new information is available. “We are in discussion with Helicopters of Russia for its new-generation Mi-38 commercial helicopter,” Mandato said.

P&WC engine deliveries have tripled since 2003, and the company is investing $400 million per year on research and development to further its green engine program and improve weight, fuel efficiency, emissions and noise levels. According to Mandato, “Reducing the environmental impact of our products is a core value for P&WC. We are firmly committed to ensuring that our products are designed, produced and operated while minimizing environmental impacts throughout their life cycle.”

While the focus now is on bringing the PW210 to market, Mandato said, “We’re also looking at investing in new programs in the 2,000- to 3,000-shp range.”