HAI Convention News

Borescopes-R-Us Unveils 4-mm Videoscope

 - February 20, 2010, 4:29 AM

Hard-to-access places on helicopter engines and airframes are easier to inspect with the proper borescope, and Borescopes-R-Us is exhibiting its new 4-mm portable videoscope at Booth No. 2816. The new Borescopes-R-Us PVS-2-4-1300 portable videoscope features two-way articulation and image-capture capability, for $5,995. Technical specs include 95-degree field of view, 640 by 480 jpg image resolution, two-direction bending angle (around 120 degrees), 1,300-mm working length, LED light source, 3.5 color LCD and four-hour 2,200-MAH lithium-ion battery. The kit includes the portable borescope, battery charger and storage/carrying case.