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HAI 2010 News Clips

 - February 22, 2010, 3:25 PM

Borescopes R Us Sees Strong Start
Borescopes R Us (BRU) got off to a fast start here at Heli-Expo with a sale of a CH 2-4-1 Kit 4-millimeter borescope to Thiago Assumpcão of ATA, based in São Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday morning, to the delight of BRU general manager Adrian Rodriguez. The unit, with two-way articulating arm, four-millimeter diameter and one meter length, costs $3,595. Said Bill French of BRU (Booth No. 2816), “It’s a great way to start the show. This is proof we’re getting quality visitors to our booth.”

InspecTech Showing Dimmable Cabin Window
The “Smart Cabin” automated dimming system (SCADS) marks the latest evolution of the InspectTech E-Shade. The E-Shade “smart window” allows a passenger to “dim” a window between clear and 99.6-percent opaque by pushing a button that induces the passage of a low electrical charge through a gel sandwiched between two layers of clear glass or Plexiglas. With SCADS, automatic or on-demand execution of cabin-environmental controls provide cabin-wide changes to the E-Shade windows. The system is on display by Fort Lauderdale-based InspecTech at the Control Products booth (No. 2035) here at Heli-Expo 2010.

Emteq Adds Aviation Electrical Products
Emteq (Booth No. 3735) of West Berlin, Wis., has added three products to its line of aviation wares. Its plug-presence detector is designed to provide power to an outlet only when a plug is properly inserted in the receptacle. The inverter converts 28 VDC aircraft power to 115 VAC 60 Hz output. The inverter is compact, light-weight (less than one pound) and designed as a one-to-one system with one inverter per outlet. The ground-fault interrupter protects against electrical shorts and potential shock and electrocution of passengers from products plugged into the outlet.

HAI Promoting Safety Courses for Members

HAI is offering at reduced cost two programs designed to reduce human error and mishap rates. Developed and validated in such demanding environments as air combat and offshore search-and-rescue operations, the programs were created by Convergent Performance of Colorado Springs, Colo. The courses, Pilot Reliability Certification and Maintenance Reliability Certification, will be augmented by Emergency Medical Services–Professional Reliability Certification. HAI said the courses fulfill the safety management system requirement for human factors training. HAI members receive a 20-percent discount on the $500 pilot reliability course and a 20 percent discount on the $400 maintenance reliability course.

HAI Adds Event Reporting to MMIR System
Event reporting is part of the Helicopter Association International’s Maintenance Malfunction Information Report (MMIR) system and offers an easy way for operators to begin or enhance a quality assurance or safety program. An event report allows operators to track the identification, investigation and resolution of any issues affecting their fleet.

The event report feature of the MMIR system can be an important element of a company’s quality assurance program, continuing analysis and surveillance system, reliability program or safety management system. An event report’s status can be “new,” “open,” “closed” or “rescinded.” When an event report is initiated, its status is new. Once acknowledged by the designated management representative, the report’s status is open. An open report means that an issue has been identified, brought to management’s attention and needs to be addressed.

Authorized users can enter additional comments on open reports as the investigation ensues. Once the issue has been satisfactorily resolved and documented, the event report should be classified as closed. Once closed, no further entries or amendments are possible to the event report. Authorized users may also rescind a new or open event report. Rescinding an event report effectively nullifies the report without resolution. The report remains stored in the company’s account for reference purposes.

Event reports are internal to the filing company unless specifically designated to be shared.