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New Van Horn blades benefit Bell 206

 - February 22, 2010, 3:10 PM

Over the last year, Van Horn Aviation (Booth No. 3409) has introduced new tail-rotor blades for the Bell 206 and 206L models that the company says significantly reduce noise, pedal forces and maintenance requirements and have a higher life limit than OEM blades. The new 206L tail-rotor blades received an FAA STC on February 8.

The composite tail-rotor blades for the 206 provide a 41-percent reduction in noise, a 15-percent reduction in centrifugal force and have a 5,000-hour retirement life, according to the company. “Our 206 tail-rotor blade incorporates an advanced NASA-developed airfoil and shaped tip,” said Van Horn president James Van Horn. The blade features carbon-fiber skin, a titanium root fitting, electroformed-nickel abrasion strip and stainless-steel spheres in the pitch-change bearings. The lower centrifugal forces reduce loads and extend the life of the pitch-change bearings, according to the company.

The acoustical data was compiled by an independent firm, Acoustical Analysis Associates, in tests conducted last March. Price of the Bell 206 tail-rotor blade is $9,000 per blade.