EBACE 2010 News Clips

 - May 3, 2010, 8:41 AM

Airshow Display Upgrade Makes Euro Debut
Flight Display Systems (Booth No. 751) is here at EBACE, showing for the first time in Europe, an upgrade kit for the Airshow 100, 200 and 400 in-flight map displays. The upgrade includes a new moving map with worldwide satellite imagery and a two-year warranty. Priced at $11,074, the upgrade involves no rewiring and no aircraft down time.

Honeywell Now Offering Runway Analysis Service
Honeywell (Booth No. 7041) is introducing Runway Analysis, a new service in its Global Data Center suite of services for pilots. The system provides aircraft performance data that “maximizes efficiencies and delivers reliable information that helps improve flight safety,” according to the company.

Runway Analysis determines the maximum allowable takeoff and landing weights, based on critical engine failure. Operators have access to more than 16,400 runway ends and more than 5,700 airports worldwide. This service also works out the maximum fuel load, preventing additional costs to offload fuel,
if weight limits are reached.

LBAS Awarded New Camo Approvals
Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services (LBAS) announced yesterday that it has been fully approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Bermuda and Cayman Island aviation authorities as a continuing airworthiness management organization (Camo). The Camo certificate allows LBAS to manage the airworthiness of aircraft, including the ability to issue recommendations and/or airworthiness review certificates.

LBAS can now offer a complete maintenance, maintenance planning and airworthiness package to clients. “To be certified by all three relevant authorities underlines LBAS’s ambition to serve all of its customers’ priorities when it comes to regulatory support,” said managing director Andreas Kaden.

Meanwhile, Lufthansa Technik has developed a number of new product offerings for its Nice cabin management and in-flight entertainment system. The new products include the “Nicemate,” a small, lightweight unit with a WLAN device that can support multiple applications on the Nice system network. Applications include cabin diagnostics, an iPhone wireless application, and a moving map product. LBAS has been awarded its first installation contract for the Nice product.

Hawker Turns to Honeywell To Power 800XPR
Honeywell’s TFE731-50R engine has been selected to power the new Hawker 800XPR, an after-market retrofit of the Hawker 800XP. The turbofan uses an N1 digital electronic engine control with a hydro-mechanical backup, single-crystal blade material in the high-pressure and first stage low-pressure turbines, as well as improved vane and blade cooling effectiveness.

Other enhancements in the TFE731-50R include durability improvements in the compressor that extend engine life and reduce maintenance costs. Configured for the 800XPR, the engine will deliver 4,660 pounds of thrust.

The TFE731-50R is the latest evolution of the TFE731 engine family, the first iteration of which entered service in 1973. The TFE731 series has accumulated a total of 80.6 million hours of operation with 12,071 engines in service.

Rolls-Royce AE3007A2 Wins FAA OK
Rolls-Royce has received FAA type certification for its AE 3007A2 turbofan. This latest member of the AE 3007 family has been selected by Embraer to power its Legacy 650 business jet, a derivative upgrade of the Brazilian OEM’s Legacy 600. The FAA approval on April 15 cleared the way for delivery of the first two certified AE 3007A3 production engines to Embraer the next day.

The AE 3007A2 has a thrust rating of 9,440 pounds (about 6-
to 12-percent higher than its predecessor) and will give the Legacy 650 a range of 3,900 nm and cruise speed of March 0.80. The engine was developed in and is assembled and produced at the Rolls-Royce facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.