Autobrakes Help Qualify Falcon 2000 for London City

 - May 4, 2010, 7:35 AM

Dassault is set to receive certification of a “nose-up autobrake” feature to further cut the landing distances of several Falcon 2000-series airplanes, thus helping the types obtain approval for operations into London City airport. “The system is transparent to the pilot,” chief test pilot Philippe Deleume told AIN today at EBACE. During the approach, the crew just has to activate the autobrake button. Braking then starts as soon as the main landing gear touches down. This is about one second earlier than the usual procedure. The distance gain is “in the order of 150 feet,” Deleume said. The autobrake disengages when the pilot actually pushes the brake pedals, after which the pilot can brake as usual. Testing of the autobrake system is now complete and EASA certification is expected soon. The next step for Dassault is to have the Falcon 2000DX/EX/LX approved into London City. Flight tests are planned there this month to get the approval from the airport authorities. The autobrake system will be included as standard on current-production Falcon 2000-series models; it will also be available as a retrofit for in-service 2000DX/EX/LXs.