Evo Jet adds food, fuel to its handling portfolio

 - May 4, 2010, 11:19 AM

Flight support group Evo Jet Services (Booth No No. 992) is expanding its presence in the contract fuel market. The company is also developing its ground-handling supervision operations in Europe, Russia and the CIS, India and China across a network that now spans some 150 locations.

Evo is preparing to introduce a full card-based fuel purchase plan but is now able to offer fuel release at negotiated rates around the world. The company has appointed Holger Bucker as its new global fuel department manager from its headquarters in Berlin.

“Our top management has a lot of experience that fuel brokers do not possess,” said Evo managing executive Paul Wilkinson. “We have experience managing and operating fuel trucks, bulk trading fuel from refinery to fuel farm and we have done very high fuel volumes for airlines. That translates into lower prices for our business jet clients.”

The Evo team can also advise operators on complex issues relating to fuel taxes around the world. According to Bucker, taking the right steps to get a tax exemption in countries such as Germany and Italy can save as much as $3 per gallon.

Evo also tries to steer operators through the maze of confusing, and in some cases deceptive, fuel quotes. “For example, you may get a hot price offer in Milan; however, upon arrival you may learn that the price is only valid if you park on the airline ramp, which is prohibited,” warned Bucker.

Cuisine Clarified

Another aspect of business aircraft operations that Evo is trying to sort out for clients is in-flight catering, which is notoriously inconsistent around the world. Through a new partnership with UK-based caterer Cuisine Air Evo is promoting a service called Cuisine Air Direct, which guarantees to arrange meals of an assured standard at various locations.

The first outlet for the service is Berlin, where Cuisine Air has contracted with a local caterer to prepare meals to its precise specifications. The company is now trying to set up similar arrangements in places such as the Ukrainian capital Kiev and it wants to have a presence at around 25 airports over the next two years.    o