EBACE 2010 News Clips

 - May 5, 2010, 6:19 AM

ARGUS IS-BAO Audits Go Platinum
Aviation Research Group/US (Booth No. 843) has completed more than 25 combination IS-BAO/ARGUS audits since developing a single-audit protocol that combines the International Business Aircraft Council’s International Standard Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) and the ARGUS Platinum Rating.

The U.S. company announced support for IS-BAO as the appropriate standard for business aircraft operators worldwide at last year’s EBACE show. It was a decision, said ARGUS president and CEO Joe Moeggenberg, that was “a significant step forward in developing a common standard for charter operators around the globe.” No less important, it eliminates the expense of multiple audits for customer-specific requirements, he added.

ARGUS Pros is the only auditing organization that can conduct an IS-BAO audit in conjunction with an ARGUS Platinum Audit.

Meanwhile, ARGUS International has accepted the IATA Organization Safety Audit (IOSA) to meet the audit requirements with not only an IOSA audit but also an ARGUS Platinum Audit. Using this combination audit, ARGUS recently recognized German aviation services provider DC Aviation as the first charter operator to receive a Platinum rating after achieving IOSA registration.

Phoenix Picks 737-800 for Next VIP Project
Project Phoenix, the Dubai-based business aircraft sales organization specializing in renovation and conversion of airlines to an executive/VIP configuration, has identified a Boeing 737-800 as the ideal candidate to enter the narrowbody airline conversion market. The new venture will be known as The Phoenix and is the result of a six-month technical evaluation of suitable airliners and dialogue with potential customers.

Project Phoenix has issued a request for information (RIF) to several completion facilities in Europe, Australia/Asia and the U.S. to undertake the actual interior build and installation to meet Phoenix’s standards. Several designs are already being prepared, including a 30-seat version with private office and stateroom and a high-density corporate interior.

According to Project Phoenix chairman John Lawson, the decision to go with a 737-800 is based on a number of aircraft attributes, including range and payload capability and the fact that “it will be many millions of dollars less than the comparable new aircraft with no compromise in quality.”

A full data package is expected to be available in late 2010, following the choice of a completion facility. “We anticipate an official launch at the 2010 MEBA show in Dubai, but we are ready now to start preliminary discussions with interested customers,” said Mike Creed, vice president of business development.

Oriens and Gates Pool Their Expertise
Oriens Advisors and fellow London-based aviation services provider Gates Aviation have reached an agreement that allows a complementary integration of their specific areas of expertise. Oriens provides support to all elements of the aerospace business across the entry-level jet sector.

Gates specializes in security and safety management, crisis and risk management, and insurance, among other aviation services. Initially, the association will see Oriens focus on its key market of Europe, but will maximize the access to international best practice operated by Gates. “Our skill sets match very well,” commented Oriens CEO Edwin Brenninkmeyer.

Hadid Prepares To Branch Out
Hadid International Services (Booth No. 1625) is preparing to open a new branch office in India. The Dubai-based flight support group intends to launch the new operation before the end of this year in an as-yet undisclosed Indian city. Last year it opened a new office in Karachi, Pakistan.

The flight support company, which was founded in 1981, arranges flight permits, handling, fuel and charter services. It already has offices in the UK, Germany, the U.S., Russia, Libya, Iran, Syria and Algeria.