Comac chooses Hamilton Sundstrand’s Kidde for C919 fire protection

 - May 13, 2010, 9:37 AM

Kidde Aerospace and Defense, a Hamilton Sundstrand business unit, won a contract from Commercial Aviation Corporation of China (Comac) to provide the fire and overheat protection for the new C919 airliner. The system includes engine and APU fire detectors; overheat sensors for the wheel wells and bleed-air ducts; smoke detectors for the cargo bays and lavatories; fire extinguishers for the engines, APU and cargo compartment; portable fire extinguishers for the cockpit and cabin; and a new electronic control that integrates independent components into a single system.

Hamilton Sundstrand estimates that the contract will yield $250 million in revenue over the program’s life.

Comac had already chosen Hamilton Sundstrand to supply the C919’s electric power generation and distribution systems.

Hamilton Sundstrand traces its presence in the Chinese aviation market to 1985, with the development of the MA60 turboprop. For Comac’s 90-seat ARJ21 regional jet, Hamilton Sundstrand supplies the APS2600 auxiliary power unit; the ram-air turbine; the high-lift actuation system, which includes flap and slat actuators, drive train, power-drive units and controllers; fire-protection systems; and the electrical power generation, primary distribution and emergency power system.