NetJets Europe Rolls Out Eco-friendly Catering Packaging

 - June 4, 2010, 4:06 PM

NetJets Europe (NJE) this week rolled out a new eco-friendly catering package and recycling initiative designed to support the fractional aircraft provider’s environmental efforts. Its new catering box is made from sustainable-source bamboo and features recyclable wooden cutlery, reusable porcelain inserts and biodegradable lids. Each box will also take about half the space of the previous catering box, and the package will be adapted to suit the storage requirements of the small and midsize jets in NetJets Europe’s fleet.

NJE has set recycling targets and is now working with its crew, FBOs, caterers and cleaning companies to ensure that equipment can be reused and/or recycled at the end of each flight. “NetJets Europe takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, and this new packaging is just one small way in which the catering department can contribute,” said NJE catering senior manager Ricardo Paiva. “We’re encouraging our crew to work with our ground staff to achieve and exceed our recycling targets and minimize wastage.”

The company has a three-pronged initiative, called “Real Difference,” to address its environmental impact. “Every Day Difference” is focused on making NJE’s operational processes more sustainable, including the new catering boxes; “All-inclusive Offsets” has made carbon offsets mandatory for all new and renewing aircraft lift customers since 2007; and “Green Horizons” is an effort where NJE works with aircraft manufacturers and researchers “to make improvements to the future sustainability of the industry.”