Falcon 2000EX Autobrake Certified by FAA, EASA

 - June 19, 2010, 1:01 PM

Dassault received EASA and the FAA approval for the autobrake feature on the Falcon 2000EX series, which includes the 2000EX, 2000EX EASy, 2000DX and 2000LX. Designed for short runways, the feature adds greater safety margins by reducing landing distances by as much as 150 feet on normal approaches and 300 feet on steep approaches.

“The system is transparent to the pilot,” said Dassault chief test pilot Philippe Deleume. “It is like landing with the brake pedals pushed forward. Pilots activate the autobrake function during approach by engaging a button located near the landing gear controls. Braking begins as soon as the main landing gear touches down while the nose gear is still off the ground, which is 1 to 1.2 seconds earlier than with the normal procedure. As soon as the pilot pushes the pedals on the ground, the autobrake disengages and the pilot brakes normally. Passengers will feel the same deceleration (0.4g) as in a conventional high performance landing.”

For a pilot already type-rated in the Falcon 2000EX or 2000EX EASy, the training requirement is only a 10-minute ground course and an approach and go around in a simulator. The autobrake will be included in standard production aircraft and will be available as a retrofit for all 2000EX model series at any Dassault Aircraft Services facility. The retrofit includes installing two circuit boards–one for each braking system control unit–a cockpit push button and wiring modifications.