Pratt & Whitney Awarded Cleen Contract by FAA

 - June 26, 2010, 5:30 AM

The FAA has awarded Pratt & Whitney a one-year contract under its Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise (Cleen) program to develop engine technology aimed at reducing specific fuel consumption, noise and engine emissions. This funding will support Pratt & Whitney 's ongoing development of its PurePower geared-turbofan engine.

The goal of the Cleen program is to develop and commercialize technologies for civil aircraft and engines to achieve the goals of the FAA's Next Generation air transportation system (NextGen). The intent is to increase airspace system capacity by making a significant reduction in the impact of noise and air quality. Cleen program specifics call for technology introduction starting in 2015.

Goals include a reduction of aircraft fuel burn by 33 percent over current technology baseline, a reduction of noise by 32dB below Stage 4 levels and a lowering of NOx emissions by 60 percent below CAEP 6 standards. 
Pratt & Whitney will work to achieve further advancements in fuel burn, emissions and noise through 2025. The company claims the combination of its gear system and advanced core will allow for double-digit improvements in efficiency and exhaust emissions while providing a 50-percent reduction in noise over current engines. The company expects fuel burn savings of 25 to 35 percent by the 2020s.