Centurion’s New 2.0s Aviation Diesel Earns EASA Certification

 - July 5, 2010, 9:02 AM

Centurion Aircraft Engines’ Centurion 2.0s is now available in Europe as an upgrade through a supplemental type certificate (STC), which covers installing the 155-hp engine on the Cessna 172F through -S models. EASA issued the STC to Centurion on May 21. The 2.0s provides 20 more horsepower than the original Centurion 2.0. It is Fadec-controlled to keep engine parameters within range and is operated through a single lever power control. Centurion Aircraft Engines, based in Lichtenstein, Germany, was formed in April 2009 after the insolvency of Thielert Aircraft Engines in April 2008.

Cessna had offered a similar diesel from Thielert in 2007 as a factory option on the 172TD. That engine offered a 30-percent improvement in fuel efficiency over the avgas-powered Lycoming and came with a constant-speed propeller. The bankruptcy of Thielert Engines dissolved the agreement and the diesel Cessna was discontinued.
The new Centurion diesel may now have a shot at an OEM application in the U.S. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced its intent to ban the use of lead in 100LL avgas, the last remaining motor fuel to incorporate tetra-ethyl lead as an octane booster. Currently, no acceptable replacement for 100LL is available although there are several potential solutions vying for prominence. The efficiency of the diesel combined with the ready availability of jet fuel and diesel fuel may create a built-in market for a diesel-powered general aviation aircraft in the U.S. Centurion’s next applications for the 2.0s include the Robin DR400 and Diamond's DA40 TDI.