787 Dreamliner Training Program Gains FAA Nod

 - August 17, 2010, 11:50 AM

The FAA has granted provisional approval to Boeing Training & Flight Services for its 787 Dreamliner pilot training courses, according to the company. Boeing expects the training program to allow experienced 777 pilots to qualify to fly the 787 in as little as five days, given the high level of commonality between the models. Generally, according to Boeing, the program can ready a pilot to fly the 787 in five to 20 days, depending on his or her experience.  Boeing Training & Flight Services continues to work with the FAA to obtain provisional approval of the training devices, at which point formal pilot training will start. The FAA will remove the “provisional” designation once the Dreamliner gains full certification.   The Boeing 787 pilot-training program uses a suite of training devices including a full-flight simulator, a flight-training device and a desktop simulation station. The company has placed training suites at Boeing Training & Flight Services locations in Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Seattle and Gatwick, UK.