Boeing's Shanahan To Oversee Struggling 747-8

 - August 30, 2010, 11:53 AM

Boeing vice president Pat Shanahan has assumed oversight of the 747-8 program effective August 30, according to an internal memo to employees. The move results in the displacement of 747-8 vice president and general manager Mo Yahyavi and represents an effort to "re-energize" the flight-test and certification program. Yahyavi, who had assumed responsibility for moving the 747-8 freighter into flight test in February 2009, will reportedly undertake an unspecified special assignment. Shanahan has named current 767 program vice president and general manager Elizabeth Lund to the position of 747-8 deputy program manager. The head of 777 manufacturing, Kim Pastega, will replace Lund as 767 v-p and general manager. Jason Clark, head of 747-8 interiors, will fill Pastega's former position. Several technical snags have delayed the program since the 747-8 Freighter's first flight in February 2010. A vibrating inboard landing gear door, a structural flutter issue and a problem with an aileron actuator have conspired to set the program behind schedule. Boeing now concedes that the delivery of the first 747-8F could slip into next year, although it hasn't yet officially altered the schedule.