TEB Dalton 19 Departure Now by Pilot Request Only

 - September 21, 2010, 11:36 AM

At last week’s meeting of the Teterboro Users Group, violations of the Dalton Runway 19 departure at Teterboro (N.J.) Airport were a concern. A recent clarification among air traffic controllers has established that pilots can use the VFR departure only if they request it; ATC cannot offer it. The clarification comes as some departing pilots continue to violate the Dalton departure altitude restrictions, putting them at risk for separation conflicts with arrivals inbound to nearby Newark Liberty International’s Runway 22. According to Ralph Tamburro, traffic management officer for NY Tracon, there have been three violations so far this year, from crews unfamiliar with the airspace. “The procedure is pretty straightforward,” he told AIN. “The issue is you are staying at a relatively low altitude.” During peak arrival periods at Newark, flights departing TEB’s Runway 19 on IFR flight plans can face lengthy delays waiting for a gap in the larger airport’s arrivals. Using the Dalton VFR departure can minimize that delay as departing aircraft are required to remain below the separation minimums. While the “request only” policy is intended to limit the use of the departure to crews that are aware of its existence and presumably its restrictions, some fear that reduced use of the VFR departure will further increase delays at TEB.