NBAA Convention News

NxtLink works with Fusion

 - October 13, 2010, 8:33 AM

International Communica­tions Group (ICG, Booth No. 4649) and Rockwell Collins (Booth No. 7557) have demonstrated the compatibility of ICG’s NxtLink ICS-220A ­communication systems with Rockwell’s Pro Line Fusion avionics. Pro Line Fusion is the basis for the PlaneView250 flight deck on the Gulfstream G250 and is to be featured on the Bombardier Global Express and XRS. The three-channel ICS-220A was certified to serve the airline and executive jet markets with flight deck datalink air operations center and air traffic system communications capabilities.

The tests, conducted on July 29, used flight simulation equipment at Gulfstream’s ­integration lab in Savannah and the ATC communications testing ­facility and avionics system test lab system at Edwards AFB in California.

“The ICS-220A provides a reliable and global satellite-based network to G250 operators for their voice and datalink communications in both the cabin and flight deck,” said Darren Emery, ICG director of customer service and product support. And, he added, it will also offer capability and quality necessary for operators to configure their aircraft to meet their specific needs, both domestically and internationally.