MEBAA Convention News

Powerplan offers pay-by-the-hour jet engine maintenance

 - December 5, 2010, 10:42 PM

Luxembourg-based Aerodynamics, here at the MEBA show (Booth No. E236) for the first time, is offering Powerplan, an independent pay-by-the-hour plan for engine maintenance. The company says it is available for almost every type of engine-turbofans, turboprops and turboshafts, as well as APUs. Powerplan uses the number of engines covered as leverage to get discounts from MRO service providers.

Powerplan, which was launched in September 2009, is well suited to customers in the Middle East, according to sales manager Karen Warner. "We have a close relationship with many facilities in the region," she said.

When an operator enrolls, Powerplan's staff determines the most adequate maintenance facility, based on location and cost. "The maintenance technicians we employ for that understand what the cost should be," Warner pointed out. The customer then pays a flat fee per flight hour, which covers scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events. Powerplan also works with some operators that have their own maintenance facilities. "In that case, we ensure that costs get covered appropriately," Warner said.