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Arinc offers SMS capability with SkyVector maps

 - December 6, 2010, 11:52 PM

Arinc Direct is trying to help aircraft operators meet the new requirement to implement safety management systems (SMS) by introducing a new process for conducting the necessary risk factors assessment before each flight. Under the new mandate from the International Civil Aviation Organization, business aircraft operators flying internationally were supposed to start implementing SMS as of last month.Arinc's new system allows operators to pre-select risk factors for their specific aircraft from a comprehensive library. When a flight plan is prepared, these risk factors are automatically populated and then processed against available data such as weather, airport conditions and winds. The resulting risk factors assessment is included as an integral part of the flight plan. "We have been able to deliver a user-friendly solution by recognizing the value of existing flight plan information for the overall risk assessment," said Arinc senior director Bob Richard. "The result is a highly integrated solution that enables customers to meet the requirements of the ICAO regulation and offers significant value." Arinc Direct customers also have the ability to define new risk factors for their aircraft to support any unique operational or SMS requirements. The company plans to retain user-entered information for a specific period of time, which will support the safety assurance and safety promotion component of ICAO's SMS requirements. The company will also provide operators a means to store and access important company documents with SMS-related information, such as risk mitigation procedures, maintenance manuals and emergency contact and accident/incident notification. The implementation of all these capabilities will be phased in over the coming months. "We want to thank the many Arinc Direct customers who helped support the development of our risk factors library by providing us with their risk assessment forms and input," said Richard. "This has helped us ensure that as many factors as feasible are included in our initial design efforts."Online MappingArinc Direct (Booth No. C628) has upgraded its flight-planning system with the integration of new interactive planning functions provided by online chart provider SkyVector. The move is intended to make it easier for operators to access and use its worldwide mapping and navigation data online."Users will now be able to view in great detail the current route offered and the aeronautical map data behind it," said Richard. "In the past, many of our customers have used paper navigation charts. The new integrated charts will make re-planning flights a lot simpler."The new aeronautical charts from SkyVector can be dragged and zoomed in and out-as far out as needed-up to a high-altitude en-route world chart. Additional detailed information is available on the new Arinc chart screen in the form of "layers" that include flight information regions, animated radar, turbulence, icing and winds, in addition to airmets and sigmets.The enhanced flight-planning program also displays temporary flight restrictions that may be in effect at locations visible on the charts. Another feature is a configurable fuel-stop planner that displays contract fuel prices offered through Arinc in real time, allowing users to make better informed decisions on fuel stops. An online fuel purchasing form is included. There is no additional cost for Arinc Direct customers to use the enhanced flight-planning system. They can access it through their existing subscriber accounts.