Boeing to deliver 787 to Air India in Q4

 - February 10, 2011, 4:58 AM

Boeing will deliver Air India’s first 787 Dreamliner by the fourth quarter, Boeing India president Dinesh Keskar said yesterday at Aero India. The announcement follows Boeing’s January announcement of the first delivery of Dreamliner aircraft to All Nippon Airways in the third quarter.

“The first four of our aircraft are in different stages of completion,” said Keskar. “India’s expanding aviation industry is among the fastest growing in the world, and Boeing will continue its efforts to closely partner with Indian carriers in optimizing their growth and competitive advantage.”

Boeing will pay compensation to Air India for delayed delivery of the 787s, although Keskar declined to disclose the amount. He added that Air India pilots and engineers are already trained for operating the 787. 

The Indian national carrier has ordered 27 Dreamliners, which it plans to deploy on nonstop, long-haul flights. Jet Airways, the leading private airline from India, has ordered ten 787s.

Air travel in India has recovered since mid-2010, as has the nation’s economy. Keskar said that 15-percent growth in passenger traffic and established operating profits among all Indian air carriers indicate a good equilibrium of capacity and demand. Currently there are outstanding orders for 107 Boeing airliners from operators in India.

Boeing’s latest 20-year outlook highlights India’s need for 1,150 commercial jets valued at $130 billion, representing about 4 percent of Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ worldwide forecast.

All told, Boeing holds orders for 847 Dreamliners from customers in 57 countries, according to Keskar.