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Dart Wins Transport Canada Approval for Quick-Release Utility Basket

 - March 5, 2011, 8:10 PM

Dart Helicopter Services affiliate Dart Aerospace (Booth No. 4628) has received Transport Canada approval for its quick-release helicopter utility basket for the Bell 407 and multiple models of the Bell 206. Approvals from the FAA and EASA are pending.

The patented Heli-Utility Baskets feature a patent-pending mounting system that allows one person to install or remove the basket in less than one minute, without the need for tools after the initial installation. It has quick-release mounting provisions and for enhanced safety, replacement cross-tube saddles.

The flat bottom of the square-shaped basket easily accommodates many types of cargo, including skiis. Two lid options are available: sturdy expanded stainless steel, creating a work platform, or a weight-saving fabric mesh. Additional mounting kits are available that will allow baskets to be quickly moved to other aircraft.

According to Hawkesbury, Ontario-based Dart Aerospace, the new baskets are larger than the original Dart baskets for light Bell helicopters and offer the greatest cargo capacity currently available. The baskets also do not impede passenger egress and do not require installation of push-out windows.

Dart also offers custom modifications for specialty requirements such as surveying, GPS, aerial photography, Lidar, mapping equipment, radiation detection, fire-fighting or additional equipment transport.