HAI Convention News

Heli-Expo 2011: EMS Pilots Group Offers New Safety Tools

 - March 6, 2011, 8:50 AM

The National EMS Pilots Association (NEMSPA) is showcasing two online safety programs at Heli-Expo 2011, developed in collaboration with two helicopter industry safety organizations: Aerosafe Risk Management and Alertness Solutions. NEMSPA expects both programs to enhance safety in the air medical transport industry and commercial helicopter operations in general.

NEMSPA (Booth No. 5711) and Aerosafe Risk Management (Booth No. 5710) have developed an interactive Web site designed to provide pilots, dispatch centers, facility managers and disaster response agencies with up-to-date, detailed helicopter landing zone information through an online database. The database includes information on each listed helipad, including its environment and permanent as well as transient hazards to flight in the vicinity.

NEMSPA is also displaying Z-Coach here at Heli-Expo, a fatigue management program developed by Dr. Mark Rosekind and Alertness Solutions. Z-Coach provides knowledge, strategies and tools to help users obtain optimal sleep and alertness, resulting in improved safety. Z-Coach is accessible online, and the program can be tailored to the needs of individual users. NEMSPA is the exclusive distributor of the Z-Coach fatigue management program to NEMSPA members.