Embraer Signs Suppliers for KC-390 Tanker-Transport

 - April 22, 2011, 9:30 AM
The Brazilian Air Force, the launch customer for Embraer’s KC-390 tanker-transport, is actively involved in decisions about the aircraft’s suppliers.

Embraer Defense and Security signed contracts for the KC-390 tanker-transport program with two industrial partners who will supply airframe structures.

Aero Vodochody of the Czech Republic will produce the rear fuselage section, the cargo ramp, doors and hatches and the wing leading edge. FAdeA of Argentina (formerly FMA) will produce spoilers, nose landing gear and ramp doors, flap fairings and tailcones. Argentina and the Czech Republic are two of four countries that have signed cooperation agreements with Brazil for the KC-390, the others being Chile and Colombia.

Embraer said that development of the KC-390 is proceeding as planned, toward a first flight in 2014. However, the company has yet to select engines for the twinjet, with the choice thought to be between the CFM56 and the IAE V2500. The company has not yet specified who will supply the various mission systems. As launch customer, the Brazilian Air Force is closely involved in these decisions.

Following two redesigns, the KC-390 now offers a larger cabin volume and payload than the Lockheed Martin C-130J.