EASA Grants Approval for Avidyne’s EX600 MFD

 - May 16, 2011, 8:20 PM

The European Aviation Safety Agency has approved Avidyne’s EX600 multi-function display (MFD) under a technical standard order issued in April. The displays incorporate the company’s latest map panning, CMax approach charts and worldwide airport diagrams, as well as European datalink graphical weather. The approval means the situational awareness system can now be installed on European-registered fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

According to Avidyne, it is the only MFD manufacturer supporting the display of EASA-certified European VFR charts. The EX600 incorporates a 5.8-inch diagonal, 640-by-480 VGA display, for which Avidyne has developed what it believes to be a user-friendly interface for pilots.

Pilots can more readily access and display critical flight data via the unit’s map-panning keys and QuickPan function. QuickPan allows the pilot to quickly toggle between the present position of the aircraft and a panned-to position, such as the destination airport, by pushing just one button.

The display can show Jeppesen’s CMax electronic approach charts and more than 6,000 worldwide airport diagrams for no additional charge, as well as supporting all European VFR charts for 2,200 airports in 29 countries.

The EX600 can interface with 20 different radar models and so can serve as a replacement display for many outdated and unrepairable cathode-ray-tube radar displays. Additionally, the display is claimed to have the widest range of sensor interfaces in a retrofit MFD, including TAS600-series traffic advisory capability and TWX670 tactical lightning detection. Avidyne’s multi-link capability allows the MFD to show both broadcast datalink in the continental U.S. through MLB700 and worldwide datalink through the MLX770 datalink transceiver. Optional interfaces for TAWS, EGPWS and HTAWS also are available.

Pricing for the EX600 starts at $9,990 and runs up to $16,990 with additional options. Existing EX500 customers can upgrade to the EX600 display from $6,495.