Paris Air Show

Paris 2011: Schiebel Camcopter Is Only UAV in the Paris Air Show Flying Display

 - June 22, 2011, 4:10 AM

Austria’s Schiebel (Hall 4 A40) is flying its Camcopter S-100 drone in the daily flying display here in Paris. Imagery from its onboard camera is being transmitted live to the airshow’s TV station. 

In 2009 the Camcopter became the first UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to fly at the biennial Paris event. It has also flown at IDEX in Abu Dhabi and during the G-20 Summit in Seoul, South Korea, where it also assisted with security surveillance.

The company said that stringent safety standards have been applied with Schiebel having to obtain an EASA flight permit for the aircraft.

“The Schiebel S-100 was developed entirely in compliance with manned aviation standards and requirements [and] the drone meets all preconditions for its participation in the Paris Air Show,” the company stated.

The Camcopter has a three-meter wingspan, maximum takeoff weight of 200 kilograms (440 pounds) and an endurance of more than six hours.