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Paris 2011: Volvo Aero Launches Tracking System for Saab Gripen’s RM12 Engine

 - June 23, 2011, 4:00 AM

Volvo Aero has launched the Volvo Life Tracking System for “accurately calculating usage of critical engine components.” The product is designed primarily for Volvo Aero’s RM12 engine, which powers the Saab Gripen multi-role fighter.

“Unlike other systems, the Volvo Life Tracking System is not based upon an anticipated use of an aircraft engine, [but] registers exactly how the engine components are affected by the actual flights in which that engine has been a part,” explained Volvo Aero development engineer Magnus Andersson.

The tracking system will give the Swedish Air Force a tool to significantly reduce costs for spare parts, while improving availability and safety, according to Volvo Aero. The RM12 is based on the General Electric F404 engine.