GA Safety Lands on NTSB’s ‘Most Wanted List’

 - June 28, 2011, 10:10 AM

“Safety is general aviation’s first priority and, as a result, our industry has taken on a number of initiatives to further reduce general aviation accidents and incidents,” General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) president and CEO Pete Bunce said in response to the addition of “general aviation safety” to the NTSB’s “Most Wanted List.” Bunce also noted that the GA industry relaunched the General Aviation Joint Safety Committee (GAJSC) in partnership with the FAA earlier this year. This group includes manufacturers, operators, flight instructors and associations, along with the NTSB as an observer. “Through this effort, we are redoubling and focusing our efforts to prevent loss-of-control accidents and controlled flight into terrain,” he said. Other aviation-related “most wanted” issue areas on the NTSB list include promoting pilot and air traffic controller professionalism; addressing human fatigue; requiring safety management systems; improving runway safety; and requiring image and onboard data recorders. On the latter item, several NTSB accident reports since the mid-1990s have included recommendations for on-board image recorders in cockpits to assist in accident investigations. However, airline pilot unions and operators alike are opposed to the idea–pilots are worried the devices could be used to spy on them as they work, while airlines balk at the costs to install such systems.