FAA issues STC for certified aircraft electronic ignition

 - July 28, 2011, 6:26 AM

Electroair announced at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh that it received the first FAA STC for a pure electronic ignition system for certified aircraft, after a two-year testing and documentation process. The Electroair ignition system is eligible for installation in all Lycoming four-cylinder engines installed on Cessna aircraft. Electroair plans to add more airframes powered by Lycomings during the coming months, as well as six-cylinder STCs for both Lycoming and Continental engines.

More than 2,500 Electroair ignition systems have been installed in experimental aircraft. The system consists of an RPM measurement device, manifold pressure sensor and high-output coil and a controller that manages ignition timing to provide a precisely controlled hotter and longer-duration spark. The Electroair system replaces one of the engine’s two magnetos (usually the right magneto) and is capable of enhancing performance and lowering fuel consumption.

“Longer dwell time and a better flame front allow the engine to run better on lean and lean-of-peak mixture settings,” according to Electroair. Spark duration is typically 2,000 microseconds, which represents about 20 degrees of crankshaft travel. The EIS-41000 kit sells for $3,400.