Cool LED Reading Light Replaces Hot Halogen

 - December 13, 2011, 2:40 AM
Aircraft Lighting International's LED replacement bulb for reading lamps requires no change or modification of the reading light features. (Photo: Kirby J. Harrison)

Aircraft Lighting International has introduced an LED reading light bulb that is a direct replacement for 28V DC/AC miniature incandescent halogen lamps.

According to Nick Michelinakis, owner of the Mount Sinai, N.Y.-based company, “absolutely no changes or modifications to the reading light fixtures are necessary.” Other advantages include lower power draw, virtually no heat generation and a five-year warranty.

The Aircraft Lighting LED bulbs cost $35 each. But Michelinakis points out that replacing an entire lamp fixture to change to LED will cost about $1,500. And he added that to change out all the incandescent reading light fixtures in a typically configured King Air would run about $15,000. “So, for $350 you can buy ten of our LED direct replacement bulbs, or pay $15,000 to convert the entire system to LED,” said Michelinakis.

Aircraft Lighting has also introduced a 12-mm direct replacement LED lamp for ALI and B/E Aerospace fluorescent lamps, and a 12-mm DC LED lamp that is a direct replacement for 12-mm fluorescent lamp and ballast.