American Warns Eagle Pilots of February Furlough

 - December 16, 2011, 12:07 PM
American Eagle has notified ALPA that it might furlough 119 pilots in February as it prepares to shed ATR 72 turboprops from its fleet.

A total of 119 more American Eagle ATR 72 pilots flying out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport face possible furloughs in connection with American Airlines’ Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

American Eagle has sent a so-called WARN (Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification) Act notice to the airline’s ALPA master executive council (MEC), advising it of the potential furlough of 60 captains and 59 first officers “on or about February 13.” Enacted in 1989, the WARN Act requires 60 days’ notice in advance of “mass” layoffs, defined as layoffs of 500 or more employees in a 30-day period, or more than 50 employees, if they account for more than 33 percent of the employer’s workforce. 

American Eagle already furloughed 20 pilots this week and ALPA has assigned a furlough coordinator to “do everything in his power to take care of these pilots during this period.”