Happy Y2K12?

 - January 1, 2012, 1:32 PM

How will 2012 turn out? Will it be good for aviation or not so good?

The answers to these simple questions are complex, and maybe even impossible to find. But we feel they are worth asking.

So after compiling the stories and events for our “2011 Newsmakers” feature, which looks at last year’s news, AIN’s editors put on their forward-looking spectacles, gazed intently 12 months into the future and then wrote what they found for this special feature, “Happy Y2K12?”

We leave it to our readers to decide whether this year will be a happy one for aviation and themselves…or not. R.R.P.

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Happy Y2K12 (871K)

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That pilot who is shaking hands on your front cover photo montage for this month is me. Thank you for the face time!

Hi Neil,

You’re welcome for the face time!

Can your recall when and where the photo was taken?

Randy Padfield


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