Boeing Tackles New 787 Manufacturing Fault

 - February 6, 2012, 11:24 AM
A newly found manufacturing fault in some 787 aft fuselages has forced Boeing to devise a repair plan. (Photo: Boeing)

Boeing has begun inspecting 787 Dreamliners for “incorrect shimming” of the support structure of their aft fuselages, the company confirmed in a written statement to AIN this morning. “We have the issue well defined and are making progress on the repair plan,” a company spokesman told AIN. “There is no short-term safety concern. Repairs, should they be needed, will be implemented in the most efficient manner possible. When build issues arise, we have standard processes in place to ensure we are delivering the highest quality products to our customers.”

The spokesman added that the condition does not pose a short-term safety concern. “No immediate repair would be necessary, if this issue were to exist on any aircraft in service,” he said.

The improper work could result in delamination of part of the airplane’s aft fuselage. The company did not comment on how long the repairs would take to perform or how many airplanes the repair plan involves.

Launch customer ANA of Japan now operates five Dreamliners. The airline had to cancel two flights, one on January 26 from Frankfurt to Tokyo due to flap problems, and another on January 30 from Tokyo to Frankfurt, due to a flight-control software glitch. Both airplanes have since returned to service. ANA launched long-haul service between the two cities on January 21.