HAI Convention News

Aero Sekur Displays Helicopter Flotation System

 - February 10, 2012, 6:55 AM

Aero Sekur (Booth No. 8043), which specializes in safety systems and advanced flexible structures for the aerospace and defense markets, is displaying a range of helicopter safety products at Heli-Expo’12.

Highlighted at the company’s exhibit is its flotation/airbag concept, designed to increase survival rates of helicopter crews. The crash protection system reduces g-forces during impact and controls roll/pitch. Custom-designed systems can have integrated or external skid mounts, textile or rigid housing options, polyurethane or Kevlar floats, and helium or nitrogen gassing systems.

The core competency of Aero Sekur’s business is the design and development of advanced engineered structures using flexible materials. The company’s engineering developments for aerospace include a retrofitable non-pyrotechnic inflation system that can be actuated more than 100 times without performance degradation. Crashworthy, self-sealing fuel tanks, manufactured from rubber, offer advantages over metal products such as eliminating weld failures, it claims. Complex shapes can be produced and maximum use is made of available space, the company said.

Aero Sekur’s parent company, Aero Sekur Group, was formed in 1993 by the merger of Irvin Aerospace and the Sekur division of Pirelli. That year, it moved into the facility it currently occupies in Aprilia, Italy. The group also has a UK branch, based at Farnborough Business Park outside of London.