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Heli Asset focuses on client relationships

 - February 12, 2012, 7:50 AM
Heli Asset president Emmanuel Dupuy.

Spun off from European aircraft broker Regourd Aviation in June 2011 to focus exclusively on helicopter sales and acquisition transactions, Paris-based Heli Asset (Booth No. 4605) is making its debut at this year’s Heli-Expo. Initially created to focus on the utility helicopter segment, Heli Asset has already brokered five deals, four involving VIP Eurocopters.

“With Eurocopter in our backyard, we know everybody there, and most of their worldwide agents are French,” Heli Asset president Emmanuel Dupuy told AIN. “So it’s just natural for us to specialize in Agustas and Eurocopters. But [as part of Regourd Aviation] we have also dealt recently on a Sikorsky S-76, and we occasionally deal with Bells.”

Dupuy, who still retains a position in aircraft sales at Regourd Aviation, has completed aircraft closings in excess of $135 million since joining Regourd in 2004. He said that the ability to capitalize on Regourd’s 35-plus years of aircraft transaction experience–and consequently tap into its global network with agents, representatives and affiliates in eight countries on five continents–is one of Heli Asset’s greatest strengths.

“You have to be very strong in the market,” said Dupuy. “The relationships that we leverage to fulfill a particular goal for a client are very important. Relationships are the biggest deal generators, and they are also great facilitators when working in remote countries. It’s always a major plus if you have key contacts in local administrations or have local technical expertise.”

Heli Asset’s focus on relationships is so important that it maintains a multilingual staff, with most sales directors fluent in at least three languages and one who is fluent in five. Amongst this staff is a team of experienced data analysts who gather and interpret market data that Heli Asset then passes on to its clients. “We present updated market data in a way that enables clients to make extremely informed decisions,” said Dupuy. “Our position in the market enables us to gauge who’s active, who’s not and who to avoid. When you’re strong and active in a market, you know what’s going on.”

Regourd Aviation’s backing and financial relationships allow Heli Asset to offer a range of financial options to clients. Under certain circumstances, Heli Asset will purchase a trade-in aircraft or can negotiate a leaseback transaction through a network of partners. “We try to offer as much flexibility to our clients as possible, and we’re very resourceful,” Dupuy said. “We partner on the sale or acquisition of the client’s asset and we only get paid if the job closes. So in essence we are a risk-sharing partner. And I think this maintains a very dynamic relationship with clients.”