Singapore Air Show

New Chinese Coaxial Heli-UAV On Show

 - February 13, 2012, 9:00 PM

Yotaisc, a high-tech company from Beijing, China, is exhibiting a new rotary-winged UAV on its booth (C99). The X200 employs coaxial, contrarotating rotors to reduce the footprint of its main rotor. This has the added benefit that rotor torque is eliminated, thereby negating the need for a long tailboom and tail rotor.

Control of the X200 can be accomplished completely autonomously through the HeliAP system, although there is also a manual remote-control option. The X200 has a maximum payload of 220 pounds, but there is a trade-off with fuel carriage. With a 66-pound payload the X200 can carry 176 pounds of fuel, giving a maximum hovering endurance of five hours.

As well as its UAV activities, Yotaisc also provides bird detection and clearance equipment to the Chinese market. It currently offers the DeTect Merlin bird detection radar, YXD series of directional acoustic emitters, HLQ11-10 hand-held green laser bird-scarer, and the TOM500 fixed green laser device developed by Lord Imaging in France. Last December it was announced that four TOM500s are to be installed at Kunming Airport in southwest China.