Singapore Air Show

China Eastern and Hainan Select Rockwell Collins

 - February 14, 2012, 6:15 AM

Rockwell Collins (Booth Q79) has announced that China Eastern Airlines has selected a range of the company’s avionics to equip 50 Airbus A320 aircraft that are on order for delivery later this year. Separately, Hainan Airlines has ordered radars and other equipment for its fleet of 47 new A320s.

For China Eastern, individual items include the WXR-2100 multi-scan threat detection system that provides hands-free bad weather detection capability, and the GLU-925 multi-mode receiver, which is certified for precision landing using either instrument landing systems or global navigation satellite systems. The GLU-925 will be the primary navigation sensor for all flight phases. Other Rockwell Collins equipment includes the ADF-900 automatic direction finder, CPL-920D high-speed digital antenna coupler, DME-900 distance-measuring equipment, HFS-900D high-speed data radio, SAT-2100 satcoms, VHF-2100 VHF transceiver and VOR-900. The two companies established a joint venture in 2003 to support avionics for the airline’s aircraft and other regional/business aircraft, and also in-flight entertainment systems for single-aisle airliners.

Hainan Airlines has selected the WXR-2100 multi-scan weather radar and GLU-925 multi-mode receiver for its A320s. The MultiScan Threat Detection System is a fully automatic, “hands-free” airborne radar. The system provides optimal clutter-free weather information that reduces pilot workload and enhances safety and passenger comfort by minimizing unexpected encounters with turbulence.

Rockwell Collins said the GLU-925 is the first multi-mode receiver certified for precision landing using either global navigation satellite systems or instrument landing systems. The receiver is the primary navigation sensor for all phases of flight, and meets Required Navigation Performance 0.1 (that is, 0.1-nm tolerance) requirements.

Hainan Airlines also selected the following Rockwell Collins avionics for new A320s: the ADF-900 automatic direction finder; CPL-920D high-speed digital antenna coupler; DME-900 distance measuring equipment; HFS-900D high-speed data radio; VHF-2100 VHF transceiver and VOR-900 VHF omnidirectional radio.