Boeing extends Arrow cooperation with IAI

 - February 15, 2012, 12:30 AM
The Arrow is a two-stage rocket interceptor with an exo-atmospheric hit-to-kill vehicle that maneuvers using a thrust-vectored rocket motor.

Late last month Israel Aerospace Industries and Boeing officials gathered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their partnership developing the Arrow anti-ballistic missile defense system. At the same time, they announced an extension to the partnership, which at present is working on the Arrow 3 two-stage interceptor. This is being developed with a longer range compared to earlier interceptor versions, primarily to allow re-attack if initial intercepts are not successful, and is seen as a counter to potential nuclear missile strikes from Iran. The initial operating capability stage for Arrow 3 is scheduled for 2014, and a first full test is planned for later this year.

As well as the interceptor, the Arrow weapon system includes Green Pine L-band AESA radar for detection, tracking and guidance, a launch control center and battle management center. India acquired Green Pine radars, but the U.S., which partly funds the program through the Missile Defense Agency, has been blocking the sale of the Arrow missiles. Boeing and IAI reportedly are targeting South Korea as the first potential export customer.