Comac choses Crane door signal system for C919

 - February 16, 2012, 12:54 AM

China’s Comac has selected Crane Aerospace to provide the door signals system for its new C919 airliner. The system will monitor and communicate the position of the C919 fuselage doors, cargo doors and flight locks. It communicates the status of the doors and locks to other aircraft systems as well as too panels mounted on the doors. Crane is already contracted to provide brake controls, tire pressure indicators and brake temperature-monitoring systems for the C919.

Meanwhile, Contour Aerospace has chosen U.S.-based Crane to provide its new McX Premium modular control system for its first class airliner seats. The system architecture is more scalable and easy to customize, as well as reducing the complexity of wiring, making maintenance easier and improving reliability.

A just-issued Airbus service bulletin gives A320 operators the option to upgrade to Crane’s new enhanced landing gear control interface unit. The equipment senses the position of landing gear and their associated doors and flaps and the new version is more reliable, resulting in longer intervals between repairs.

Finally, Southwest Airlines has contracted Crane to install its Hydrolok seat recline system on its fleet of Boeing 737-700s. This is part of the U.S. carrier’s “Evolve: The New Southwest Interior” program and it will increase seat capacity on the narrowbodies from 137 to 143.