Cabin Safety: The Bizjet Passenger as Crew

 - March 23, 2012, 11:15 AM
Cabin safety is seldom discussed with bizav passengers

Scott Arnold tells business aviation pilots they must learn to step outside their comfort zone and talk to their boss about issues related to passenger safety. Arnold, a member of NBAA’s Flight Attendant Committee, led a portion of a recent NBAA webinar focused on teaching cabin safety to corporate passengers. He said that “educating passengers who fly aboard a business airplane is still a work in progress. We often must tell them that they really are the third crewmember when they fly in the cabin of their own aircraft.”

Arnold is a trainer and program development manager for AirCare Facts Training. “We try to help cabin passengers realize that in an emergency the pilots may not be able to help, either because they are busy or, in the case of an accident, incapacitated. The passenger could well be the person who is helping the crew exit the aircraft, in fact, and needs to know what to do - things like finding and opening the emergency exit.”

He also spoke to the often awkward and uncomfortable role pilots must play when they need to tell their boss that wandering up to the cockpit for a visit during an instrument approach is unsafe for everyone on board. “But if it jeopardizes safety, they must learn to speak up.”