Pulkovo-3, St. Petersburg’s New FBO, Nears Completion

 - April 10, 2012, 3:55 PM

Construction of a business aviation center at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, Russia, missed its target for completion last month, but builder and operator JetPort told AIN that the FBO is nearly done and the facility will open this summer. Called Pulkovo-3, the facility sits on a 24-acre lot that includes apron and parking places for 20 business jets. The 43,000-sq-ft, two-story business aviation terminal will be able to serve up to 1,500 passengers daily, the company said.

JetPort is part of the same group of companies as VIPport, which claims its Vnukovo-3 business aviation facility at Moscow-Vnukovo airport is the largest and busiest in Europe. JetPort and VIPport are guided by a team of private investors associated with Vitaly Vantsev, who led Vnukovo since 2002. On March 13 he stepped down as chairman of Vnukovo’s executive board, leaving this position to Aleksander Yastrib, a top manager in the Bank of Moscow who is widely viewed as a Kremlin appointee.

In a precursor to Yastrib’s selection, early last year Vladimir Putin–then Russia’s prime minister and now the president–called for unification of Sheremetievo and Vnukovo Airports under a single command, meaning a Kremlin-appointed administration. The Russian government holds more than a 50-percent share in Vnukovo and 100 percent in Sheremetievo.

With these changes, Vantsev’s plans for expansion of the group’s business aviation activities could be revised. Currently, the company focuses on business jet handling and servicing at airports in Sochi, Krasnodar, Anapa and Genendzhik in the south of Russia.


I note embedded in your article updating news anent the St. Petersburg area airfields that the terminal at the Pulkovo-2 field is designated 'historic,' and thus has restraints on its renovation. Well and good, that's their affair. However, the plan to restyle it with 'Soviet art,' aside from being inane, seems to be part of a overall re-Sovietisation mood in rodina lately. And, I might add, pushed rather heavily.

My response is simple, and immediate: Dear Ivan - your proposed intent of subjecting me to the ugliest 'artwork' in Russian history is repugnant, bordering on the obscene. I don't need more ugliness in my life, thank you. Additionally, you need to get your (collective) heads squared away. The Soviets are the greatest criminals in recorded history - the glorification of same is as disgusting as would be a resurgence in Germany of Nazi 'art' depicting slave labor in a concentration camp. So, here's the deal: Put it on the walls or in the lobby, and I won't use the airfield. I may just consider staying out of the ReSovietUnion altogether, and see if we can get some ENG cameras on the facility, and then see about avoiding trading with Russia altogether. Sovietism is not the Russian people, who are way better than that. A reversion to tyranny starts slowly, so let's just let this die, folks. If you quit drinking Putin's Kool-Aid, you will become a very great nation. Listen to the maniac and his coterie, and lose all business, and return to being a pariah nation.
Suddenly, it's 1936 again, and this time around we don't care
to ignore the rise of totalitarian monsters - Hitler, then, and will it be you this time?

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